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Security Consultancy

We offer general and basic security consulting services. It is often necessary before buying security services to assess risks and make an inventory. These are services we can provide. Security consulting is a service that includes such things as risk analysis and security planning. USS Security Consultancy can provide advice across the security spectrum to give our clients most economical and suitable security solutions. Our proven track record has been underpinned by basic values of proportionality, integrity and pragmatism, and is closely supported by detailed research from our insight and screening teams.

Bespoke and Relevant

Every project is different, either in requirements or risk. That’s why USS has tried to steer clear of ‘pigeon holed’ solutions when it comes to consultancy. Our effort goes into understanding the full picture and offering solutions that are proportionate. We Deal in

  • Threat Assessment
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Strategy and Policy
  • Executive Threat Assessments
  • Facility Threat Assessments
  • Development of Detailed Mitigation Methodologies and Procedures


Experienced and Informed

Our consultancy combines both experienced professionals from a range of military and police backgrounds with subject matter experts to help provide insights and guidance for all levels of the consultancy process.