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Security Technology / Equipment

 Security Technology

Uppal Security Services provides cutting edge,high security solutions customized for today’s business        and private sector.It falls into three categories:-

  • Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Alarm Monitoring and Response



These may be CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems, cameras and recording devices be they analogue or digital.Some of cameras which  are used by Uppal Security Services are:-

  • Pan Tilt and zoom camera B&W/Colour
  • Motion activated cameras B&W/Colour
  • Dome cameras
  • Infra red cameras
  • Multiplexers


This involves using technology to control persons and vehicles moving onto, around, and off from a site or business. These systems can be “simple” or “smart” allowing basic access permission through to Human Resource functions such as limited access and movement management.There can be many gadgetry to control the access ,some of them are:-

  • Personel
  • Vehicle
  • Proximity card reader
  • Remote control gates
  • Palm readers
  • Finger print reader
  • Access beam


These come in many forms but essential they use a sensor to detect movement in an area which sends a signal to an alarm panel which then creates an action dependent upon its programming. This action is most often an automated phone signal to a computer but can be to a phone line.

The resulting action is an investigation, often the contacting of key personnel or the dispatch of a patrol guard which is the “response” to the alarm activation.

 Security Equipment

Unlike other security companies in Pakistan, Uppal Security Services is providing State of the Art Security equipment as one window operation for its clients.Some of the items are as under:-

Bullet Proof Vest

  • Available in standard and full coverage from NIJ Level III to Level III A.
  • These Vest are light and comfortable and can be modified according to client requirement.


Bullet Resistant Glass

  • Protection against desired threat level.
  • Available in transparent,sandblasted and stained application.
  • Sound proof glass and fire resistant can also be arranged.

  Metal Detectors

  • Complete security detection at high speed.
  • Assist  in work of security personnels.
  • Available in single and multiple zone detection.

Security Scanning Machines

  • Superior image resolution.
  • Excellent C Ray penetration.
  • Reversible conveyer direction.
  • High image quality.

The Body Orifice Security Scanner (B.O.S.S)

  • Non obstructive scanning of body for any illegal substance.
  • B.O.S.S   makes scanning procedure safer for security staff.
  • Poses no health danger to operators and users.
  • Privacy of perpetrator not violated.                                                                                                                           

Barriers/Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)

  • UVSS is an effective counter measure against  VBIED’s. Designed to take the impact up-to 400 to 600 kgs.
  • It includes variety of barriers such as  Auto Turnstile gate,Delta barriers,Rising Bollard high impact auto and manual gates ,crash barriers and many more.

  Armoured Guard Post

  • Bullet Proof guard post with bullet resistant windows.
  • Protection against B II and B VI threat level.
  • Armour steel protection walls,floor and roof.
  • Laminated bullet proof resistant glass,32 mm thick (level III).
  • Heavy duty hinges and door locks.

Perimeter Fence.We  deal in different category of fences for installation of security such as:-

  • Razor wire.
  • Concertina wire.
  • Electrical and mobile fencing.
  • Wall spikes.

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