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Who we are

Uppal Security Services is a privately owned security company providing the design, implementation and management of a complete spectrum of comprehensive private security and consultant services. Within the framework of governing legislation, regulation, and established standards of best practice, our bonded and professionally trained teams of private security professionals provide one of the best security services in the market. We are proud to be smaller organizations, which endeavor to fill the vacuum by providing security services that is best as per situation. Our continuing success is based on the provision of an extremely high quality of service that we tailor according to the needs of our client. Uppal Security Services offers comprehensive services that are designed to enable our clients to conduct their business confidently and without the need to worry for security issues.

About CEO

Major (Retired) Shahryar Hassan Khan was commissioned in 1995, posted to an Infantry Battalion. Soon after he joined Special Service Group (SSG)  where he undergone through many courses such as Anti-Terrorist  Training,Security Detachment and VIP Protection and Explosive Handling.He remained employed in active operational duties against War on Terror. He also has the honour of being Security Officer to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for four years. He can rightly claim to have vast experience of combating Law-n-Order Situation, Protecting Personage, Parties, Premises, Places and Properties. He has arranged  security system for a number of National/International events within country and abroad.

Training Team

Training team comprises of  war veterans and retired officers of Special Service Group (SSG), the elite group of Pakistan Army. Members of Training team has personal experience in the field of security. They have done specialized courses related to security. The training team has vast experience in combating terrorism and arranging security for important events/installations.